The founders of BUDGETO

Charles-Hubert Déry, Co-Founder

Charles-Hubert presents a diversified professional career where the financial and entrepreneurial aspects have come together. He holds a BBA in accounting from the HEC Montréal school and has been in the accounting and finance field for more than 15 years.

Fascinated by entrepreneurship, he founded in 2006 a consulting company specialized in the support of start-up companies. During these years, he will accompany over a hundred companies in consulting management, notably through the realization of business plans, financial forecasts and research funding. Determined to support more and more companies, he launches with his partner in 2012 Budgeto , an online budgeting tool specifically aimed at entrepreneurs.

Used by thousands of entrepreneurs, school boards, entrepreneurship schools, universities, incubators, accelerators, start-up support organizations, cities, investors, accounting firms and financial institutions, It now aspires to make BUDGETO the world leader in interactive financial tools for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Marc Alloul, Co-Founder

Marc is an Engineer/Quantum Physicist turned entrepreneur, spending the last 20 years in both large publicly traded as well as smaller private equity funded companies where he developed and brought to market innovative technology & marketing solutions to some of the world's companies.

Marc is currently Managing Partner W2/W3 at W Investments, a private Québec investment firm that targets businesses with high growth potential, as well as a strategic advisor to several companies where he is a shareholder, board member or mentor. Fully aware of the most common challenges for entrepreneurs; In 2012, Marc allocated his energy into Budgeto, which ignites the launch of first time and returning entrepreneurs. He is driven to make this incredibly friendly online application an important launchpad for start-ups.

Marc earned a M.Sc. in Quantum Physics from McGill, Canada, a M.Sc. in Communications from the EURECOM Institute, France, and graduated from the “École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications” (ENST), the leading French Telecommunications Engineering School.

Our mission: to fill the gap between entrepreneurs and investors

We have good news for entrepreneurs : budgeting is easy! When you think about it, it's simply translating your business project into numbers. It's the only way for you to validate that your business project makes sense financially, and then when you actually start your business, it's the only way to know if you are in fact, achieving your goals.

Still, there is this preconceived idea that budgeting is complicated. Most entrepreneurs are not accountants or finance specialists, so how would they know how to build a budget? The fact is that many entrepreneurs are afraid of numbers. Well maybe not the numbers themselves, but all those calculations that come along with building the budget. All those rules that you don’t know about, but that somehow, you need to manage in a budget. Amortization of your capital assets, debts schedules, recognition of your revenues, and so on. And don’t even get us started with building a balance sheet, an income statement or a cash flows projection!

So what’s the problem between budgets and entrepreneurs? The answer is quite simple. In a world where everything is going online (bookkeeping, banking, payment solutions, etc.) how come entrepreneurs are still stuck with spreadsheets? Spreadsheets are not easy to use, they’re not standardized and they can be quite dangerous. Close to 90% of spreadsheet documents contain errors. Yet we ask entrepreneurs to use them to build budgets, and then we ask investors to analyze those spreadsheets to make investment decisions. That’s just crazy.

Here’s the good news: it’s 2017! Yes, spreadsheets are still very popular, but if you look around, you will find tools allowing entrepreneurs to actually build and understand budgets themselves. Tools that will manage income tax, sales tax, employer contribution rates, capital assets categories and all the calculations needed in a budget. Tools that will help you build 5-year pro-forma budgets and answer all those requirements from your different stakeholders. Tools that will allow you to work on different scenarios and share your budgets online with partners of your choice. Those tools are designed to meet all the expectations of investors, making it possible to fill the gap between entrepreneurs and investors by allowing them to speak the same language, therefore accelerating access to financing and launching new businesses.

Budgeting is not your enemy. It’s your best friend. And you know it, but you’re daunted by it. In our many years as consultants, we worked with over 100 start-ups. Our words of wisdom are quite simple: “You will not succeed because you have a budget, but you will undoubtedly fail if you don’t have one.”

So welcome to BUDGETO, the first online budgeting solution designed specifically to support entrepreneurs and provide investors with everything they need to quickly make investment decisions. This tool was designed for you. Don't be afraid to try it and let us know if you need help! And don't forget: have fun!

Join the BUDGETO team!

Budgeto is currently looking for candidates to fill these positions!

  • Web developper, PHP Full Stack developer. OOP and MVC Environment

    Budgeto is looking for a PHP developer to join its development team.
    We are looking for a dynamic and autonomous person who will be called to grow in the organization. As the FINTECH industry is constantly evolving, we are looking for a person who will be on the lookout for the latest technologies and who will be able to advise us / guide our development decisions. This person will also be encouraged to set up procedures to optimize our productivity (agile method, scrum, etc.).

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  • Sales Director

    The Sales Director outside Quebec will be responsible for all aspects of the sale on its territory. He will also act as an adviser for the adaptation of the marketing materials of the company. Its primary mandate will be to define a strategic sales plan to develop the North American market. It will identify and engage new clients, negotiate contracts, close sales, participate in trade shows, establish sales forecasts and produce regular reports. He will also develop, train and manage his local sales team by developing account strategies that maximize efficiency and results.

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