Videotron Business Solutions

Get a free license of Budgeto

Videotron Business Solutions offers products and solutions adapted to SMEs: mobility, internet, telephony, television, network solutions, advanced services and data storage.

How do I get my free license of Budgeto? Subscribe to any Videotron Business Solutions plan (new contract) and get a free license of Budgeto (startup plan)!

Already have a “Budgeto startup” license? We will add 12 months to your startup plan.

Already have a “Budgeto business” license? We will add 5 months to your business plan!

Offer valid for customers who do not yet have a Videotron Business Service account and who are referred to Videotron by Budgeto (you must contact us before registering for Videotron).

Contact us at for a Videotron Business Solutions representative to contact you.